Richard McHugh – Bournemouth Digital Media Student

Discipline and Research – Essay Ideas

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My idea for the essay was to show the development of the first 4 Metal Gear Solid games.

I want to ask one of my flatmates to play the opening sequence of each Metal Gear Solid games 1-4 and see the development of the games, through means of graphics, storyline and gameplay.

One of the main areas I want to write about in my essay is the use of camera angles, birds eye view, 3rd person, first person etc.
Metal Gear Solid 1-2 have birds eye views of the game, Metal Gear Solid 3-4 are 3rd person styled games.

I want to see how these camera angles changed the user experience of the game. This might be playability and gameplay, but also character development. Do you relate to and have an emotional connection for the character more, if you are seeing through the eyes of the character or seeing the character you’re playing as.

Metal Gear Solid timeline


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