Richard McHugh – Bournemouth Digital Media Student

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Making a Contribution To a Community Based UGC Platform

This was the first time editing and adding information to a Wiki page.


I visited Wikibooks to see the recipe to create the perfect cup of tea. I always buy Yorkshire tea bags so I wanted to add preferably Yorkshire tea bags in the ingredients.

tea edit tea edit 2

I was very surprised at how easy it was, you don’t even need to create an account and log in to make a change. Once you make the change and save it the webpage will instantly update and display the changes.


There is an Open Source map website called openstreetmap, I wanted to see if my Mum and Dads seafood business was located on the map and if not I wanted to add a pinpoint showing where it is.

It wasn’t located so I went through the process in adding the pinpoint. With this wiki platform you have to log in to make edits. But to add to the map is very simple, all you do is click edit then point and click where you want to add the pinpoint, add a few details and select the area and thats it. My Mum and Dads Business is now located on openstreetmap.orgopenstreetmap


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Open Source Software

I have used a Linux based operating system called Ubuntu on my desktop PC, which is completely free and open source.
I had this as a dual boot system so that I could access Windows when I wanted or Ubuntu when I wanted. It is a very easy to use operating system which is very quick, I found it very similar to Apple’s operating system in the way of visuals and usability.
It has all the programs you need from editing software, word processing, databases, video playback and many more programs and applications.


Overall I found Ubuntu to be an extremely good alternative to the more popular Apple and Microsoft operating systems, businesses could save a lot of money on licensing costs of operating systems by choosing to use Ubuntu.

The only reason I chose to uninstall Ubuntu was because I personally prefer using Windows 7 and I didn’t have a lot of hard drive space on my computer.

Other programs I use now which are open source;

  • VLC, which is a multimedia player which plays almost all video and audio files possible, this is very useful as some operating systems standard media player can only play certain file types. But this can be installed on any operating system.
  • OpenOffice which is very similar to Microsoft Office but is completely free.
  • Inkscape, this is similar to Adobe Illustrator. It doesn’t have nearly as many features as Illustrator but is a very good free alternative.
  • Brackets is a HTML text editor.