Richard McHugh – Bournemouth Digital Media Student

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Poster Development – Land Mark Style

I wasn’t sure what style to draw the UK Land marks, I was trying to draw a more detailed drawing but felt it didn’t suit the style of the poster. I thought a simpler illustrator style of drawing would be a better design.

I hand drew big ben, scanned it into photoshop and digitised the image.

bigbenI then but that JPEG image into illustrator and did the trace image tool to add anchor points. bigben on map

This is what the map looks like with big ben placed on top.

I feel that the UK map needs more design added to it. I will split the counties up into different sections, maybe add different colour to each county to show the different amounts of carbon emmisions.
I will also add transparent smog clouds to the counties which emit the most carbon emmisions.


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Poster Work in Progress – Adobe Illustrator

I created 2 types of UK map one a full birds eye view and another a slightly tilted view, I wanted to see what the difference would be like when the land marks are added to both of the images.

uk map birds eye

I feel that the slightly tilted UK map will have more impact because the land marks will look like they are jumping out of the image, rather than the birds eye view will just look like they are placed on top.

I was messing around with adding strokes and other effects to make the map look more 3D.

Tilted Map

To create this shadow effect, I copied and pasted the image, placed it behind the original and changed the colour to a darker one.

Tilted Map shadow

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A2 Poster – Map Research

I wanted to look at how graphic artists have displayed the UK map using vector style graphics.

I found this on behance:


This was an advert for British gas in The Guardians Weekend Magazine. It was created to show different locations of the UK and homes using energy in different ways.


You can see the difference in the counties carbon emissions by looking at the landmarks, the landmarks in the midlands and north are of factories and power stations whilst Devon and Cornwall is just country side and the Eden project.


These are the small landmarks which are used in the article, they are very simplistic but elegantly designed.
The little touchs of the whale, birds and waves below the ship and oil rig adds character and depth.

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Communication Design A2 Poster


This was a quick mind map I drew up to jot down my ideas.
I had more ideas for the carbon footprint question than the most popular music question.
I’m going to go with the idea of using counties landmarks, maybe layered on top of the UK map to display the levels of carbon footprint each county uses.
The outside lives inside you poster I found on behance displays the map in a similar way I want to, but I will simplify and have a more angled birdseye view.