Richard McHugh – Bournemouth Digital Media Student

Development and Realisation – Who has the largest carbon footprint? – Research

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I have chosen the question Who has the largest carbon footprint? I was thinking that it could be by what country, age group, or county in England. 77b3769433637539cb2d71d9f99ca808 I found this poster on Behance – I really liked the idea of this, maybe take the idea but instead of a person as the silhouette use England counties and show the difference between big counties with large cities, like the Midlands and compare them to small counties like Devon and Cornwall. 9671973e8e4e4730024c5253bea27b9b The brief is to only use vector graphics which only uses objects rather than pixels, so the first image of the human silhouette is very complicated to only use vector shapes, so I could simplify this idea. Also I found this idea of a chain saw, I want to think of using an object to display different countries, rather than using a map which is very generic.


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