Richard McHugh – Bournemouth Digital Media Student

Alphabet Photography – Process

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To create the Alphabet Photography final piece, I did two photo shoots.
One was in the Bournemouth Aquarium and the other was on a walk through Bournemouth town and to Boscombe Pier.

Screen shot of photoshoots

I wanted to have a nautical theme to my final piece, so I thought beach views and photos around the Aquarium would be a good idea.

Many of the photos around the Aquarium didn’t work too well because the lack of shapes to use as letters, the low light and movement of the animals were quite difficult to get the right shot.
The other photoshoot of the beach and town came out really well as there are lots of buildings and other objects which can be easily interpreted as letters.

I edited the photos and then added them individually to the final piece, making sure each image was exactly the same size as one another, to make the final piece look more professional.

Screen shot of editing

I edited the images by adjusing the lighting and colour of the image, you do this by going onto the enhance tab. you can change the shadows/highlights, brightness/contrast, and levels.

Screen shot of final peice

I added each image to the main photoshop file, I wanted to have white spacing between each image so that you can see them as more of an individual letter. I added a white border round the edge for a simplistic look.


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