Richard McHugh – Bournemouth Digital Media Student

Twin Peaks Research

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I watched the pilot episode of the first season, this episode was on TV to see if it would be popular to the viewers.


I really enjoyed the episode, but it was quite a cheesy american crime thriller, also it was quite slow at times. I think that is because of the age of the series.
The setting of Twin Peaks looks like such an amazing place, the mountains, lake and waterfall shots are shot so well. The pan shots really help set the place up for the story, it makes the place quiet eerie.


New series like Breaking Bad have really action packed scenes from the out set, the first scene of Breaking Bad  Walt is just in his underpants aiming a gun down the road which police cars are driving up.


I watched Twin Peaks with my flat mates and they found it very hard to follow because how slow and weird it is. I found that quite interesting because it proves that series have changed and cater for our age group more, I think Twin Peaks is for an older age group because of the more story driven and surreal hidden meanings, which means you have to sit and concentrate more than series out nowadays.


I’m going to watch the rest of the series and do a little essay write up, which I will upload to here.


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