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Developing Arguments Media and Text – Twin Peaks

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We had a lecture yesterday about looking at the relation between text and the content.TwinPeaks_openingshotcredits

It was looking into the series Twin Peaks, the lecture was mostly about seeing the deeper meaning of either text and video and not just to see what is on the surface.
Twin Peaks is a TV drama which was broadcasted on the american channel ABC. it was shown from 1990-1991, so is a relatively old TV show now, but still has a huge following and the announcement what there is a new series being shown in 2016.
A movie length pilot was broadcasted to see if the public would like twin peaks.

Season 1 was 7 episodes long.
Season 2 was 22 episodes long.

The series was created by Mark Frost and David Lynch.

The story is based around how this High School girl called Laura Palmer was murdered.
Its a mix and match of genres, so at first is like a crime detective drama trying to crack the case of the murder, but when it delves deeper there are lots of very supernatural surrealĀ moments, like the log lady who talks to a small log she carries around.


At times it is a lot like a soap opera getting to know each character.

The success of this series was also its downfall, when the case of the murder was solved in series one the audience felt there was no need to watch the next one.

I have just downloaded the whole of series one so I will watch that and write a small analysis of it, this will help improve my essay writing as I haven’t wrote an essay in a very long time.


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