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Twin Peaks Research

I watched the pilot episode of the first season, this episode was on TV to see if it would be popular to the viewers.


I really enjoyed the episode, but it was quite a cheesy american crime thriller, also it was quite slow at times. I think that is because of the age of the series.
The setting of Twin Peaks looks like such an amazing place, the mountains, lake and waterfall shots are shot so well. The pan shots really help set the place up for the story, it makes the place quiet eerie.


New series like Breaking Bad have really action packed scenes from the out set, the first scene of Breaking Bad  Walt is just in his underpants aiming a gun down the road which police cars are driving up.


I watched Twin Peaks with my flat mates and they found it very hard to follow because how slow and weird it is. I found that quite interesting because it proves that series have changed and cater for our age group more, I think Twin Peaks is for an older age group because of the more story driven and surreal hidden meanings, which means you have to sit and concentrate more than series out nowadays.


I’m going to watch the rest of the series and do a little essay write up, which I will upload to here.


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Mind Map

I created this mind map last week, but its very boring to look at.


So I’m going to reorganise it with coloured paper and colouring crayons to make it more fun and easier to read.

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Animation History and Practice

Yesterday we had a lecture by Mik looking at the history of animation,
I studied Interactive Media at A-Level which looked into a lot of animation, so I have studied the history of animation before, but it was really good to recap on the things that I may have forgotten.

The animator which really stuck out to me was Windsor McCay, Mik showed us an animation which McCay did which was called Sinking of Lusitania which was made in 1918, 3 years after the event. The waves of the animation were so well done, you could see the movement of the waves and feel the strength of the sea.

The darkness of the explosion and the heavy smoke is terrifying to watch.winsor-mccay-lusitania

An animation which McCay made called Gertie the Dinosaur which Mik didn’t manage to show us was my favourite by McCay, this is because there is a lot of humour in the way Gertie moves around and some of the things Gertie does are quite funny. You can see lots of character in his drawings especially Gertie, which makes them really interesting to watch.

Gertie the Dinosaur

Its really amazing seeing how animation has progressed through the years, they used the most basic tools like chalk and chalk boards, cardboard cutouts and also spinny slit animation like the Zoetrope.


The Zoetrope is used by placing drawings inside a circular box which has slits going around, you look through the slits whilst the box is being spun and you see the image animate.

We had to try and create our own Zoetrope, I am not the best drawer so it was quite difficult but I had a good idea what to do.


This was a basic drawing of a balloon being blown up then exploding.
It worked quite well but i’m going to digitalise it in PhotoShop to make it look more polished and to swap some of the end frames around to make it more dramatic.

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Developing Arguments Media and Text – Twin Peaks

We had a lecture yesterday about looking at the relation between text and the content.TwinPeaks_openingshotcredits

It was looking into the series Twin Peaks, the lecture was mostly about seeing the deeper meaning of either text and video and not just to see what is on the surface.
Twin Peaks is a TV drama which was broadcasted on the american channel ABC. it was shown from 1990-1991, so is a relatively old TV show now, but still has a huge following and the announcement what there is a new series being shown in 2016.
A movie length pilot was broadcasted to see if the public would like twin peaks.

Season 1 was 7 episodes long.
Season 2 was 22 episodes long.

The series was created by Mark Frost and David Lynch.

The story is based around how this High School girl called Laura Palmer was murdered.
Its a mix and match of genres, so at first is like a crime detective drama trying to crack the case of the murder, but when it delves deeper there are lots of very supernatural surreal moments, like the log lady who talks to a small log she carries around.


At times it is a lot like a soap opera getting to know each character.

The success of this series was also its downfall, when the case of the murder was solved in series one the audience felt there was no need to watch the next one.

I have just downloaded the whole of series one so I will watch that and write a small analysis of it, this will help improve my essay writing as I haven’t wrote an essay in a very long time.

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Learning the Basics of coding – Processing

Processing – Java

I have had a little experience in coding a few years ago at 6th Form, but I have forgotten most of it so it is like starting again which is exciting but at the same time quite confusing.

The program we are using at the moment is called Processing which uses the language Java, which is a programming language I haven’t used before.

The task today was to create something which would create random sized circles which had random colours.

I find the logic of programming quite easy to follow when its already on the screen, but when it comes to typing it up by my self I find it quite hard to remember all the programming words.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 14.35.11

But doing this task has taught me ways of setting out the code before putting in the rest, so setting the code into blocks makes it clear on what code preforms what function.
Another thing is to use notes which is marked as ‘//’
This is really helpful because you can type text which won’t effect the code in anyway but will tell you what the code does.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 14.35.57

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Photo editing software and tools – PhotoShop and Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

Today I went through two programs for photo editing, these were PhotoShop and Adobe Bridge.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.27.52

I have seen and heard of Adobe Bridge but have never used it before, but it seems like a really powerful image browser and I will definitely be using it in the future. I really like the feature camera Raw, that you can edit lots of things to do with the image like; exposure, contrast, highlights etc.
Then when you have made those changes you can revert back to the original image if you wanted to, it notifies you that the image has been edited so its easier to verify which images have been edited.

You can copy and paste the edited image setting to how ever many images you want to, this is so that each image will have the exact same image setting to have the same look.

Photo Shop

I’ve used PhotoShop before at my workplace and throughout college so I have a little understanding and know the basic features and functions.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.28.37

Today we went through layer masks and the understanding in why they are important. I have used them before but didn’t know the full understanding in why they were used.

Using the black and white paint brush you can add or take away what the layer mask is changing to the image, this is really useful because it wont actually change any pixels to the image it will just be an overlay edit which you can turn off or on whenever you like.
This is really useful because you can add multiple layer masks to the same image and you can go through turning them on and off to see which mask works best for your image.

The image above is what I edited, I put a black and white layer mask over the image then went round the balloon with the white paint brush to make the layer mask not work on the balloon. This made just the balloon have colour which makes it really stand out.

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Visit to the aquarium

I visited the aquarium in Bournemouth yesterday to take photos for the photo alphabet project.
It was quite hard to take a good quality photo of what I wanted. It was hard because of the animals moving, the low light and the distortion from the aquarium tanks.

I got some nice shots of the turtles creating letters with the shell.

The feeding of the otters where really fun to take photos of, but couldn’t make any letters out of them.